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Corporate Mental Health Training

Mental Health First Aid at work

Most businesses and organisations tend to underestimate both the severity of mental health issues in the workplace and the long term impact it can have on their performance and their balance sheet.

Part of the bespoke Black Box Approach is to analyse and quantify these costs before proposing a tailored and fully-costed package of corporate mental health courses which can make your organisation mental health positive.

Needs and priorities vary between different sectors and our aim is to identify how our accredited training programmes can be adapted to deliver the most effective training to your employees.

Mental Health First Aid training in action

Hear from real people about their experience of Mental Health First Aid training, on both individual and company wide levels and how taking the courses has empowered them to make a real difference to the wellbeing of those around them.

A tiered approach with three levels of training available

We believe in a fully co-ordinated, organisation-wide approach that is implemented at all levels, from senior management to front line staff. We also build in the flexibility to touch on the specific issues faced by people in different disciplines.

We focus on building a supportive mental health network by offering three tiers of training, which are all MHFA England accredited.

Tier 1: Mental Health First Aiders
Tier 2: Mental Health Champions
Tier 3: Mental Health Aware

Infogram showing how Mental Health First Aid fits into an organisation.

Tier 1: Mental Health First Aiders

After successfully completing this course, delegates will have accredited ‘Mental Health First Aider’ status which is valid for 3 years.

This is an MHFA England accredited 2-day course for employees of all levels. We recommend strategically placing Mental Health First Aiders throughout the organisation to ensure all members of staff can easily access this support.

We provide Mental Health First Aiders with an in-depth perspective of mental health issues and train them to spot the signs and symptoms of illness and how to approach individuals and guide them towards appropriate support.

The people you nominated to become Mental Health First Aiders should have an empathy for the role and it is important to ensure that the team you select is representative of the company’s diversity profile. This will ensure you provide the best possible support for all employees.

Tier 2 : Mental Health Champions

After successfully completing this course, delegates will be designated as Mental Health Champions within your organisation and have the confidence to spot and identify when individual employees are in need of support.

This is an MHFA England accredited 1-day course which is most beneficial for managers, team leaders and directors, who have an overview of how teams and departments function.

Mental Health Champions have a key role to play in spotting the signs of emerging or evident ill health and liaising with a Mental Health First Aider who has been trained to support someone who may be in crisis.

Delegates on this course will also benefit from being more aware of the functional relationships and issues within their organisation.

Tier 3: Mental Health Aware

After attending this course, delegates will have an expanded awareness of Mental Health issues and the ways it can impact on individual and organisational performance.

This is an MHFA England accredited Half-day course which is suitable for representatives from all departments and from a variety of levels. We recommend that, over a planned period of time, between 70 and 90% of your employees should attend this course.

Find out more today

As you would expect the core elements of our three training courses cover the criteria specified by MHFA England.

The Black Box Approach difference is in the delivery of the course (Christo’s energy, knowledge and empathy) and our commitment to tailoring or personalising our mental health training packages to the needs of your organisation.

We understand that a decision to invest in our courses is a big step for you. So let’s begin a conversation about what you need and how The Black Box Approach might be able to help. We would like to collaborate with you and understand the cultural and operational issues that may be unique to you.

Our courses can be delivered online, or face-to-face, at a time and location to suit you.

To get the ball rolling, you can email christo@theblackboxapproach.com and outline your needs – or simply ask us a few questions.

Alternatively, you can fill in the form below which will give us a chance to think about your needs before we get back to you, using your preferred form of communication.

I very much enjoyed the course, and although the content was heavy in places, it was delivered very sensitively and with a good dose of humour and humanity. Christo is clearly passionate about the subject matter, and he is a very credible and experienced facilitator. Ten out of ten.
Sarah Descheval, HR Director