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How D’ya Feel Wheel

A handy compass for your feelings

Our primary aim at The Black Box Approach is to give our clients the tools they need to identify and understand the feelings being experienced by themselves, or by others who they are trying to help.

Free download

We’re offering a free How D’ya Feel Wheel download which can help you pinpoint feelings and emotions.

The How D’ya Feel Wheel illustrates that the full range of emotions – both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ – are all part of the whole. Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance, but accepting and understanding the nature of these feelings is an essential step towards feeling more secure in ourselves.

Once downloaded you can print it off and pin it to your noticeboard, keep it by your desk or even stick it on your fridge door!

Whatever works best for you.

People experiencing a range of complex emotions often find it difficult to express how they feel.

The How D’ya Feel Wheel allows them to explore a wide range of eloquent terms and frame their feelings more accurately.

It can provide a positive first step in the journey towards improved mental health.

Christo Hudson